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You bet it can.
The intrepid reporter Eric Eggers has uncovered just how easy it is to cast a fraudulent ballot—canceling out your vote and in some cases deciding elections.

We know—despite official denials—that voter fraud is happening. In fact, Eggers shows, it’s rampant, and it’s all over the country.

Worse, many famous civil rights organizations encourage voter fraud and frustrate its prosecution. Every proposed voting security measure and every attempt to enforce existing laws is treated as an attack on the right to vote.

But of course, the real threat to civil rights, free and fair elections, and the rule of law is voter fraud. And in case after shocking case, Eggers shows how voter fraud is subverting American democracy.

In his frightening and thought-provoking book, Eggers highlights:

  • How so-called “progressive” organiza- tions promote and explain away voter fraud

  • Why voter fraud is a growing threat— and tied to illegal immigration

  • How swing states in national elections could be swung by voter fraud

  • How voter fraud could be stopped or minimized—and why politicians refuse to take action

  • What you can do, in your own neighbor- hood, to keep elections fair and free

  • Voter fraud isn’t a new problem. Eggers provides a quick survey of how political machines stole elections in the past. But he also reveals how voter fraud is corrupting our democracy now—deciding elections and shaping our future. If you care about that future, if you care about the integrity of your vote, you have to read Fraud.

What People Are Saying

- J. CHRISTIAN ADAMS, election lawyer, presidential voter fraud commissioner, and bestselling author of Injustice


“Voter fraud deniers claim fraud is a myth. Eggers delivers evidence that voter fraud is real, evidence that cannot be denied.”


  —ED MARTIN, former chairman of the St. Louis Board of Elections and president of Phyllis Schlafly Eagles


“In St. Louis where dogs and dead people have appeared on the voter rolls, a good election is run well and looks good. That is, the voters need the right ballots, polling places, and registration, and they need to believe the elections are not rigged or stolen. The best preparation for election success is clear-eyed understanding of the threats and problems facing elections. We need to know who is threatening the system and why. Eric Eggers identifies

the problems, challenges and solutions. Eggers names names and makes clear what we face. Perhaps the greatest challenge of elections is that constant vigilance is needed to face the ever- changing world of election fraud and incompetence. Reading Eggers will help all of this.”


—bestselling author PETER SCHWEIZER from his foreword


“Where we have previously focused on how politicians enrich themselves once they get into office, Eric Eggers, Research Director at the Government Accountability Institute, tackles the shady ways some of them get there and how they stay there.... Eric’s work, his first as an author, will make it harder to make excuses for avoiding honestly measuring the real extent of fraud in American elections.”


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